One of the best reasons to vacation in the Serengeti is the amazing animals that you will encounter. This region is known for having a large variety of habitats that support a complex network of animal species. Read on to learn more about the Serengeti’s unforgettable wildlife.

Discover the Big Five

The “Big Five” African animals- leopards, rhinoceros, lions, elephants, and Cape buffalos, are all abundant in the Serengeti and are likely visitors to our safari sites. While the term “Big Five” was originally used by hunters and poachers, we are proud to be using the term to refer to animals that we will photograph as observers, leaving these beauties to live in their natural habitat in peace.

Other Beautiful Animals

The Big Five aren’t the only animals that you will see in the Serengeti. In addition to many other mammals, this region of Africa is also very popular for bird watchers. Over 500 species of birds live in the area, making the region a nature photographer’s paradise.

Jaw-Dropping Landscapes

While the wildlife in the Serengeti is unique and inspiring, the breathtaking African landscapes are just as remarkable. From the wide-open sky to the grasslands to unique trees and plants, you will encounter a distinctly African environment that will wow you at every turn.

Experience the Serengeti

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