BrambleBerry Tours take you to the Best Locations to

View, Admire, and Photograph

Our Upcoming Tour Book your trip

BrambleBerry Tours take you to the Best Locations to

View, Admire, and Photograph

Our Upcoming Tour Book your trip

BrambleBerry Tours take you to the Best Locations to

View, Admire, and Photograph

Our Upcoming Tour Book your trip

BrambleBerry Tours take you to the Best Locations to

View, Admire, and Photograph

Our Upcoming Tour Book your trip

Our Upcoming Tours

Explore the best destinations of the world with America’s leading photography tour company

Southern Serengeti and Ngorongoro Migration 2023

Jan 24th – Feb 1st, 2023

The Great Migration of Northern Serengeti 2023

June 13th – June 21st, 2023

Indian Tiger Safari 2023

Taj Mahal tour (Optional)
Optional Activities:

  • Escorted Nature Walk & birding trail
  • Cycling Tour
  • Village Walks & Bazaars
Nov 6th – Nov 15th, 2023

Why Choose Brambleberry Tours

Our Guides are the best and the most experienced and skilled

In the past years, thanks to the knowledge of the most experienced guides in the business, Brambleberry Photo Tours has been able to position photographers in the very best locations across this vast wilderness. From these vantage points, they have been able to witness and photograph the spectacles of migration and animal life.

So skilled are our safari guides that on one occasion, tour member photographers were able to witness and photograph the moment of birth of a young wildebeest. As they watched and photographed, the herd began moving on, and as a result, this baby was separated from its mother. Sensing an opportunity, a lion, appearing out of the Sudan grass, made its move while Brambleberry Tour members took museum-quality photos of this remarkable full circle of life.

Of course, not every tour manages to catch such extraordinary action, but because of staff experience and knowledge, with Brambleberry Photographic Safaris, the Great Migration is seen up close, and the remarkable range of wildlife is there to be photographed. This once in a lifetime opportunity, presents tour members with ample chances to see and film the beautiful, rare, and exciting events in the lives of these remarkable creatures. Due to the natural vagaries of nature, every Brambleberry Tours member witness different event, a wide range of wildlife, both the usual and unusual, and sometimes hilarious, habits of nature. This panorama of living things is spread before Brambleberry Tour members to see, be awed by, and photographed.

Brambleberry Tours
Brambleberry Tours - Photographer

Experience and Photograph

The Beautiful Lands and Rich Wildlife

Photography Expeditions

with Brambleberry Tours

Offering a rare opportunity to visit up close and personal with some of the most exotic and varied wildlife to be found anywhere. Capture all of this is against a backdrop of pristine wilderness, unchanged for millenniums. When you book with Brambleberry Photographic Safaris, you can expect to receive the highest quality travel arrangements available.

Tour Leaders and Guides

We are proud to provide

Tour Leaders and drivers that are native to the area

And are intimately familiar with the wildlife and their habitat. They are passionate in preserving the beauty of their surroundings and are very knowledgeable to help create an eco-friendly touring experience to help preserve the environment and allow you to capture the beauty, emotions, and personalities of the wildlife through photography.

Capture photos of the


Against the stunning backdrop of wild african savannas
With today’s digital cameras, there is no worrying about using too much film or running out of supplies. Your photographic results are, of course, available immediately. In the evenings, compare your photos with tour companions during relaxing after-dinner conversations.

Luxury Living at it’s best

This once in a lifetime opportunity features luxury accommodations as well as the most experienced guides and assistants in the business. Jeeps are retrofitted to provide space for four photographers and their gear, unlike other tours that crowd 6 to 8 into a single vehicle. Our hand-picked lodges have been carefully rated to ensure the finest quality accommodations and meals available in the bush.

Unparalleled Experiences

Explore the Photographic Opportunities

These tours are in high demand, some have already sold out, so don’t delay, call now and join one of our unparalleled experiences. To book a tour or explore the photographic opportunities offered by Brambleberry Tours, call our offices at.