About Us

Brambleberry Tours was started by two passionate photographer friends, Taha and Steve, who have made it their eternal quest to share and contribute to the world of photography, and help others make memories through photography. Journey with them to visit beautiful lands and spectacular wildlife where they will help you develop an admiration of the deep beauty and culture of these lands. We strive to help enhance your understanding of photography, lighting, and wildlife, through our photographic safaris. In the past year, they have welcomed Debi who brings the same passion to the company.

Brambleberry Tours specializes in small group photo safaris, so that you can experience it all with the benefit of 1-on-1 guidance, personalized service, and flexibility on your tour.

Your Guides

Taha Raja

Taha Raja is an avid outdoor photographer, teacher, traveler and entrepreneur. Born and raised in Tanzania, he now resides in Houston, Texas. His combination of travel and photography brought him to start this venture so that he may share with other photographers his love and passion for his home country and continent. These tours are a way for him to accomplish both his own photography interest while sharing them with others who want to explore African Safaris.

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Steve May

Stephen (Steve) May thoroughly enjoys outdoor and wildlife photography, travelling, hiking adventures and is an expert with mirrorless cameras. He is a doctor by profession, and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He is a colleague of Taha’s since their college days at Texas A&M, and the both of them have traveled together around the world.

Debi Beauregard

Debi Beauregard is a professional photographer living in Houston. She is an experienced traveler and runs a photography meetup group with over 1100 members who enjoy both the teaching and photo opportunities she provides. She has traveled with both Steve and Taha and can’t wait to share the thrill of the safari experience with others.

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Today’s digital photography has truly brought this art form to the mass public. No longer is there a prohibitive cost of film and processing. Instead, immediate feedback through a digital camera has brought this art form to a new level.

Photo travel trips is the next level in this art form. Specific tours led by passionate and professional photographers provides the joy of discovery and the enjoyment of this unique art form. We have started with East African safari tour and Indian Tiger safari tour and hope to add more global tours….look out for new trips to India, Asia and the American Southwest… coming soon!