Majestic Bengal tigers are some of the most recognizable animals in the world, but few in the West ever get to see these beauties in their natural habitat. In 2020, we will be embarking on an Indian safari adventure to see the Bengal tigers up close. Keep reading to learn more about these amazing animals before we head out on our trip.

All About the Beautiful Bengal

Bengal tigers are one of the world’s largest tiger species and one of the few tiger species that are not yet extinct. They are known for their distinctive black stripes and golden orange coat. Bengal tigers are native to India and Bangladesh and are very impressive hunters, often consuming more than 60 pounds of food in a single meal. There are estimated to be less than 3,000 Bengal tigers left in the wild, so seeing them during your travels will give you the memories of a lifetime.

The Benefits of Safari Travel

Traveling with a safari is the best way to view wild animals in their natural habitat. Safari travel allows you to get a genuine experience without needing to worry about the logistics of your trip. It’s also a great way to support the local economy of the countries you will be visiting.

Ready For Your Next Adventure?

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