Photography is a great hobby for travelers. Photos allow you to capture the beautiful surroundings of different areas without impacting the natural world around you. While there are great places to take photographs all over the world, Kenya and Tanzania are destinations that should be on every travel photographer’s bucket list. Keep reading to learn why.

Why Travel to Kenya and Tanzania?

Kenya and Tanzania are two countries that border each other on Africa’s East Coast. Both countries are safe for foreign travelers and allow visitors the opportunity to see animals and landscapes unavailable in the US. Whether you are interested in seeing “Big 5” safari animals, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, or simply chatting and sharing meals with locals, Kenya and Tanzania will delight you with their nature and culture.

So Many Opportunities to Get the Perfect Shot

Photographers, in particular, will love traveling to Kenya and Tanzania because they’re of their unique landscapes and animal populations. Both countries boast rich highlands, beautiful beaches, and stunning deserts, each with unique plants and animals. Practice your photography skills by capturing beautiful nature that you can’t see at home.

All Experience Levels Welcome

Bramble Berry Tours offers photography trips and workshops for beginners and experienced photographers alike. Whether you are a professional photographer or simply someone interested in a new hobby, you will get unforgettable shots when you travel with us. Book now on our website or call us at 281-606-5252 for more information.