Traveling abroad is a thrilling experience. While documentation might not be the most exciting aspect of your trip, it is perhaps the most necessary. Below, we will explain the three types of documents that you will need to travel to Kenya and Tanzania.


This one is obvious! You will need to bring a passport to travel from the United States to any foreign country. However, there is a passport limitation that you might not be aware of. Passports that are close to expiring are not considered valid, which means that you must renew your passport six months before it expires in order to travel. While passport renewal can take several weeks by mail, there are passport agencies that can expedite the process in an emergency.


Visas are required for US citizens traveling to both Kenya and Tanzania. Tanzania visas will be available at the airport or Tanzanian border and travelers will be able to fill them out on the spot. Kenya visas can be completed online 30-45 days before travel. Click here for more information or to apply for your Kenya visa. The visas cost $100 each.

Vaccination Card

While Kenya and Tanzania are both considered safe countries for Western travelers, there are a few immunizations that you should take to ensure your health and safety on your trip. All travelers should get a yellow fever vaccine. We also recommend a malaria vaccine, even though malaria is not a common problem in either country at this time. Bring records of both vaccinations with you in case you have a medical emergency on the trip.